Water: An Endangered Resource

The “Water, An Endangered Resource” art exhibit takes the viewer on a visual journey underwater, with interpretations of water, past and present conditions, and Eco Art solutions

"Water: An Endangered Resource" Opening 


Exhibit Opening

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Tickets: $10 at the door

Opening Reception 6pm

Film 7pm

Groundswell Rising, Protecting Our Children’s Air And Water, the new documentary from Emmy Award-winning Resolution Pictures, captures the passion of people engaged in a David and Goliath confrontation. They stand together, challenging a system that promotes profit over health. We meet mothers, fathers, scientists, doctors, farmers and people from all sides of the political spectrum taking a hard look at energy extraction techniques not proven to be safe. With the Oil and Gas industry’s expansion of fracking seen as a moral issue, this provocative documentary tracks a people’s movement, a groundswell rising towards reason and sensitivity, to protect life, today and tomorrow.

Featuring special guest Craig Stevens

Closing Reception on June 8th

Raven Skye McDonough

mixed medium collage

Go to the Light  

Classically trained at The School of Worcester Art Museum in Massachusetts, Raven Skye McDonough is an internationally recognized Florida based artist. Raven’s deep spiritual connection and social awareness has her tackling subject matter ranging from war, environmental issues, political concerns, women’s issues and mankind's journey to become enlightened beings. Raven uses 2 different collage techniques that she developed over the years, along with painting in Acrylics, to create truly unique art.

Marc Bridger 
oil & graffiti on watercolor

Marc uses the canvas as an arena where the synergetic relationship of art’s experiential and communicative power is explored by peregrinating the individual, family, society, and our geoculture.


Martin Dunn 

Anemone Fish

Artist Statement: As a beginning artist, I had interest in portraiture and detailed nature scenes. This painting comes from that early period. I still am pleased with the result, although I remember well how tedious it was to draw all of those anemone tentacles! The nature interest has since waned in favor of painting the stories of the poor, the homeless, the forgotten; often in the setting of a Christian allegory.

John Lichtensein 
     acrylic on wood   

Lichtenstein’s work is easily recognizable: his subject matter often includes movie monsters, models from his own reference photographs, and more recently, currency - always boldly presented in the foreground of a creatively filled negative space.  He employs the use of bright colors, repetition and image overlaying to strengthen his concepts, and he says his choice of a functional canvas, like plywood, also adds character and recognition to his work.


  Like Water is Totally Our Most Precious Resource 

Lynne Buchanan 

Chassahowitzka Muck

My work is about connections and is influenced by my yoga background.  Images are made situating myself fully within the web of life, as I open to the beauty and elegance inherent in the world and the creative possibilities of each moment.  My photographs invite others to become more empathetic toward all life forms and to achieve greater understanding of their position in our ecosystem.

I was recently drawn to rivers, both in Florida and around the world, because of the many important lessons they teach. Our survival depends on them, yet our waterways are being seriously threatened by pollution and climate change.



Not Pictured: Terra Ceia Restoration      

Phosphate Runoff  

  Pamela Callender    

Pamela is an educator, artist and curator with an MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts from Goddard College, BA in Visual Arts from Eckerd College.

Artist Statement: Presented here are two in a series raw, untouched photographs of water. I search to find humorous yet ironic images of the contradiction and disparity between earthly and human nature.



Gas Pump on the Lake

Catch of the Day

Wendy B Dickinson
 linoleum prints on wood matrix

Book of Jonah

Bodies of water have always inspired narrative writings and legends. The Loch Ness Monster, Moby Dick, and Jaws are three stories which quickly come to mind. This piece, Book of Jonah, relates the story of Jonah and the Whale, in a three-dimensional artist’s book format. By using the fish-shaped biomorphic “pages,” with text on each “page,” the story of Jonah and the Whale is shared in a unique presentation style. The physical presentation utilizes an actual fishing leader, with the wooden fish attached. The fish pages can be read individually, in a page-like fashion. The piece as a whole references a complete “book”; with each fish’s text contributing to the narration.

Anita Wexler
acrylic painting & tall assemblage

What is happening to our water resources? What will happen to us if things don’t change? Our animals? Our sea creatures?


Lizzie Packer
acrylic on canvas

Slushing Through Life  


Painting whispered to me and constant thoughts excitedly made me think "I need to paint that!" Fearful of what that meant I immediately thought "ummm I don't know how to paint."I finally gave myself permission to paint and draw, expressing myself I truly and wholeheartedly was free.I look at my finished works and I have no idea who painted them.I just sketched and then painted and it quickly accelerated.I called myself an artist and I became one.

Artist Statement: With my intense emotion, my passion and my gift of expression I strive to give hope,speak truth and to move others as I have been moved.



We Tread

Elizabeth Vann Thrasher

Lizzie Vann’s background as an ecologist and campaigner run through her photography.  She is a social entrepreneur, having created an organic food brand in the UK that invests its profits in child health and food quality research. Currently she is a part owner/creator of the Historic GreenVillage on Anna Maria, a unique building project, recycling all water and utilising PV and 450ft wells to reduce power use.  She uses iphone and ipad photography to add an extra dimension to her campaigning.

Artist Statement: Seaweed’s beauty is hidden, mysterious, unrecognised.  Yet alongside land plants, seaweed is responsible for releasing oxygen into our air and absorbing carbon, keeping the atmosphere breathable and in balance. I set out to encourage an appreciation of seaweed by creating images that are striking, large, and descriptive, captioned with extra details.  My iphone and ipad cameras are convenient, ever present and powerful.  They perfectly matched the need to capture these plants on the beach, wherever they were washed ashore.

Ann Carney
oil painting

Afternoon in the Flatwoods

The pleasure and rewards from painting have come to me after a career in telecommunications and retail. My subjects are favorite scenes and memories from our travels and nine years of camping throughout the U.S. and Canada. I have studied and worked with artists in local workshops and online.

Artist statement: Since retiring we have camped extensively in Florida, mainly inland in Florida state parks. I love the dry, windy flatwoods dotted with springs and marshes that provide such a bountiful habitat for so many creatures. This year I have been painting large canvases trying to capture the vista, the warmth, and the piney scent of the flatwoods. I enjoy creating the big paintings with the warm rich colors oil paints offer. “Afternoon in the Flatwoods” is my impression of a central Florida cattle ranch.

Wayne Eastep

Merging my avocation and vocation has always been my goal. I don’t make a hard distinction between professional and personal photography. Photography is the art form I use to make a living creating advertising and corporate communications images.  It is also the visual language I use to explore cultures and  create books.  What I learn shooting commercial assignments has always found a way to make my editorial and personal work stronger. My goal is to make a photograph  rich with information and graphically strong. Photographs are a visual form of poetry for me.  I carefully focus my composition and leave unnecessary content out.  As an artist I must have a point of view and commit fully to my choice.  I believe that the power of intention and energy  put into making an image will make it more effective. Whether  shooting an ad a book or personal work this attitude and approach is the common denominator.


Wave Within

Deb Torger

Tales From the Deep

It’s an honor to show my painting in this exhibit Water an Endangered Resource. Being a resident of SW Florida coast, I was deeply saddened over the Deep Horizon disaster in the gulf. My painting is my expression of grief over this man-made environmental disaster.


Exhibit Opening

                                                     Many thanks to...

Contributing Artists

Raven Skye McDonough

Marc Bridger    

Martin Dunn

John Lichtensein    

Lynne Buchanan

Pamela Callender

Wendy B Dickinson

Anita Wexler

Lizzy Packer

Elizabeth Vann Thrasher

Ann Carney  

Wayne Eastep  

Deb Torger


Arlene Sweeting

Art Curator 

Pam Callender

Installation Specialist

Dale Bombardier

New College of Florida Intern

Maia Owen

Food and Water Watch

Vickie Machado

Suncoast Waterkeeper 

Justin Bloom

Transition Sarasota

Don Hall 

Guest Speaker

Craig Stevens

Sound Engineer

David Beaton

Peace Education and Action Center

WSLR Community Radio Station

Physicians for Social Responsibility