Dr. Nik: A Selekt Retrospektive Art Exhibit 

September 12, 2015 - November 2, 2015

Opening reception: Saturday, September 12th, 2015

Time: 7-11pm

Featuring Joe Bruno's Dixieland Jazz Band

Tickets: $10 adv/$12 at the door

Call for tickets: (941) 545-5635

Selekt Retrospektive Art Exhibit brings attention to the extreme amount of waste that is prevalent in our society, from waste wrappers to memorabilia that flood landfills and hurt the environment. Doctor Nik’s art inspires individuals to take a second look at undisguised, commonly discarded objects, and bestow upon them a vibrant secondary life with a new purpose. His creations show that you can transform any and all rejected items into a trove of treasures.

For more information please contact the Curator, Pamela Callender at CallenderPamela@gmail.com