Fogartyville Community Media and Arts Center

Fogartyville is a special gathering place for those who truly appreciate music and community.  Nothing draws people together like a shared musical experience, and nowhere is there a more welcoming environment for audiences and musicians than the vibrant and diverse community that is the Fogartyville Community Media and Arts Center. 

The Fogartyville Community Media and Arts Center is a project of the Peace Education and Action Center located at 525 Kumquat Court in Sarasota.

The Center helps fulfill the mission of the PEACenter by:

1)      providing a space for community groups to come together to discuss issues of concern (fostering democracy and cooperation);

2)       fostering the creation and distribution of media and art emphasizing underrepresented voices and perspectives.

3)      promoting empowerment and expression through media and arts education and performance.

4)      Making the PEACenter resource library more accessible to the public.

If you are interested in renting the space or participating in the activities of the PEACenter, please call 941-545-5635.

ROOM SPECIFICATIONS:   Our 2400 sq ft acoustically insulated venue comfortably seats 110 persons. We feature a 170 sq ft stage (32" high) with professional lighting, 3 stage monitors, 2 flying Mackie SRM450's and one JBL EON 10" for distributed sound. We have 2 subwoofers and sound is run from the front of house using a Mackie DL1608 digital mixer operated by an experienced sound team.

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